Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

 We are very keen in protecting  the privacy of our customers....

  • information of the sender and receiver  are  classified ,no other party have  access to   your information  and all the shipment details . 
  • only  the sender in his country has the The right to review the shipment with  the company and the recipient in the country of delivery.


  1. ISTEKAMET KARGO has the right to open and inspect all the  goods either before or after shipping.
  2. Sender will be responsible for the materials they wish to ship with our company .
  3. The shipment should not contain any of the banned, dangerous or precious materials; Such as gems, gold, silver, money, firearms and other ...)
  4. ISTEKAMET KARGO will receive the value of the goods sent  by COD.  Service  when the goods are delivered to the sender . If the shipment is not received by the sender,  we are not  responsibile  for collecting the value of the goods.
  5. we provide service of delivering from door to door service as mentioned in our receipt from the transmitter address and delivered to the transmitter address.
  6. There will be no legal charge responsible for any costs, expenses, or losses incurred by any beneficiaries of compensation for charging due to customer shipments or goods detained by customs or any other governmental authority.
  7. we will not be responsible  for any delay, or violation, or failure  from the sender or receive side


Claims: The company is not responsible for the shipment after a month of notifying the recipient  if he did not  follow-up with the company  or neglect to receiving his shipment    

Insurance: Valuable goods  are insured after receiving a request from the sender, and pay the insurance fees .

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